Venom - 6V 1600mAh 5-Cell Hump Receiver NiMH Battery


$17.99 $21.99
SKU: VNR1504

6V 1600mAh 5-Cell Hump Receiver NiMH Battery 

When you want a powerful battery pack that you can depend on even when you push it to its limits, this is the battery for you. Whether you have a short course truck, an 8th scale buggy, a monster truck, heli, jet, airplane or quad, this battery pack delivers the results and run-time you have come to expect from all Venom batteries. With features like 22 AWG soft silicone wire leads this battery gives you the power you are looking for.


  • Dimensions: 50 x 29 x 31 mm / 1.96 x 1.14 x 1.22 in
  • Weight: 3.8 oz (107 g)
  • Watt Hours: 9.6
  • Charge Rate: 1C (1.6A)
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