DST - 5.8 GHz FPV Goggles with included 2S Lipo and Charger



DST FPV goggles deliver a comfortable, high-performance FPV video performance at a budget price! Their unique screen design reduces fatigue and helps to eliminate the uncomfortable "vertigo-effect" produced by other goggles, while the battery pack is safely located away from the users' eyes.

5.8 GHz FPV Goggles with included 2S Lipo and Charger 


  • Built-in wireless 5.8GHz receiving, 4 frequency bands, 32 channels with automatic frequency search
  • Compatible with standard CVBS signals in either NTSC or PAL format
  • Includes "mushroom-style" antenna for superb reception
  • 8-language menu (Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German, French)
  • Supports AV video input and output
  • Adjustable image brightness and contrast
  • Features optimized components to reduce visual fatigue during use
  • Ergonomic, comfortable design with adjustable headband
  • Integrated 7.4v, 1300mAh Lipo with included charger delivers two hours of uninterrupted use and is safely located away from the user's eyes on the backside of the headband
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