JConcepts - Fin, 1/8th Serrated Light-Weight Wheel Nut, Black (4pc)


SKU: JCO24512

Fin, 1/8th Serrated Light-Weight Wheel Nut, Black (4pc)

When competitive racing hits the boiling point, everyone reaches for light-weight items. JConcepts has the answer with the introduction of the Fin styled light-weight 17mm fine thread wheel nut set. These high precision wheel nuts are flanged and knurled for locking security and feature a closed end to protect from dirt and debris build-up in the axle or hub. Completely CNC machined, the large flange and clamping surface area supports the wheel and helps maintain geometry during flex and load. The larger area also provides more footing for the serrated area which provides a more comfortable lock-down. Cutting weight was accomplished by reducing material sections in unneeded areas, in addition, the nut is sliced removing even more bulk and adding a Fin like appearance. The closed-end cap features an etched logo for authenticity and brand awareness.


  • Light-weight, World Championship winning DNA
  • Precision CNC Machined
  • Large flange for additional support
  • Serrated for locking security
  • Extremely glamorous
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