Protek RC - Universal Radio Case

Protek RC

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SKU: PTK8160

This is the ProTek R/C Universal Radio Case. Everybody loves getting a new radio system. What everyone would love to avoid is the additional cost of a new radio case to protect that fancy new radio. So the minds behind ProTek R/C have developed an all in one solution that will allow you to use a single radio case to protect your current transmitter, with the flexibility to protect the transmitters you buy in the future!

The case itself features a tough aluminum shell, with reinforced corners, locking latches and a high density foam lined interior, all in an effort to withstand the potential punishment and abuse that occurs during transportation. But what makes this case unique is the replaceable high density foam inserts* that allow the case to accommodate a variety of transmitters on the market! This includes Airtronics, Spektrum, KO Propo, Futaba and JR! Simply purchase the foam insert that fits your transmitter, and use the same case over and over. ProTek R/C has developed another unique and incredibly flexible product that will keep your gear safe, and has the potential to be one of the best storage investments you can make. *NOTE: Foam insert not included and must be purchased separately. 

Interior Dimensions: 14x10x5.5" Accommodates transmitters from Airtronics, Spektrum, JR, KO and Futaba Tough aluminum outer shell with reinforced corners Locking latches
ProTek R/C Universal Radio Case Inserts Available For:
PTK-8161: Airtronics M11X Futaba 3PL Losi LSR-3000 Radiopost TS401 PTK-8162: Airtronics MT-4, MX-V
PTK-8163: Airtronics SD-10G Hitec Optic 5 PTK-8164: Airtronics RDS8000 Futaba 10CG, 6J, 6EX, 7C, 8FG, 8J Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro, Aurora 9 PTK-8165: Futaba 4PK, 4PKS, 4PKS-R PTK-8166: Futaba 4PL Kyosho Syncro KT-201 PTK-8167: Spektrum DX3R Pro PTK-8168: Spektrum DX5e, DX6i, DX7s, DX8 PTK-8169: KO Propo EX-10 Eurus PTK-8170: Blade HP6DSM Hitec Optic 6 Sport JR 11X, X9503 PTK-8171: JR 11X PTK-8172: JR 12X PTK-8173: Spektrum DX2S, DX2E, DX3S, DX3C PTK-8174: Airtronics M12 PTK-8175:
Spektrum DX4S PTK-8176: Spektrum DX6, DX9 & DX18 PTK-8177:
Traxxas TQi PTK-8178:
Spektrum DX4R Pro PTK-8199:

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